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European Blue Economy report 2023 published

The European Commission just published the 2023 edition of the European Blue Economy report. This report is the annual flagship publication, and gives an overview of how the economic sectors in EU have performed in relation to oceans and the coastal environment. The 2023 version highlights the evolution of the blue economy sectors since 2010, and shows that despite negative impacts of the COVID19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most of the analysed sectors increased…

EFFOP statement on PFAS in fishmeal

Fishmeal is recognized by nutritionists as a high-quality and very digestible feed ingredient that is favored for addition to the diets of most farm animals. Fishmeal carries large quantities of energy per unit weight and is an excellent source of protein, lipids (oils), minerals, and vitamins. Specifically, the high levels of lysine and methionine can be difficult to replace when using other feed ingredients. At the European fishmeal and fish oil producers (EFFOP) PFAS…
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