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The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) provides scientific advice on the marine ecosystem to governments and international regulatory bodies that manage the North Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas.

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From Fisheries Overviews – Greater North Sea Ecoregion:

Around 6600 fishing vessels are active in the Greater North Sea. Total landings peaked in the 1970s at 4 million tonnes and have since declined to about 2 million tonnes. Total fishing effort has declined substantially since 2003. Pelagic fish landingsare greater than demersal fish landings. Herring and mackerel, caught using pelagic trawls and seines, account for the largest portion of the pelagic landings, while sandeel and haddock, caught using otter trawls/seines, account for the largest fraction of the demersal landings. Catches are taken from more than 100 stocks.

Figure: Landings (thousand tonnes) from the Greater North Sea in 1950–2017, by country. The nine countries having the highest landings are displayed separately and the remaining countries are aggregated and displayed as “other”.