Fishmeal and fish oil


Annually, Europe boasts a robust production output, yielding approximately 600,000 metric tonnes of fishmeal and 170,000 tonnes of fish oil, with a combined production value of around 1.2 billion euros. These products find their way to diverse markets worldwide, showcasing the industry’s global reach and significance.

The foundation of this production lies in the utilization of small, oily, short-lived species like blue whiting, capelin, sandeel, Norway pout, and sprat, alongside valuable by-products derived from the fish processing sector. This strategic approach ensures efficient resource utilization while minimizing waste.

European fishmeal and fish oil producers uphold stringent international standards and certifications throughout the production process, ensuring the highest levels of quality, sustainability, and traceability. From responsible sourcing to meticulous production practices, the sector prioritizes excellence at every step. With a firm commitment to sustainable exploitation of resources, the European fishmeal and fish oil sector plays a pivotal role in driving environmental stewardship within the industry. By adhering to best practices and embracing innovation, the sector continues to set the benchmark for sustainable fisheries management

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