Pelagic Advisory Council (Pelagic AC)

European Fishmeal holds a seat in the Executive Comittee of the Pelagic Advisory Council – for more information about the council, click here.

About the Pelagic AC:
The Pelagic AC receives Union funding as a body pursuing an aim of general European interest. The Pelagic AC prepares and provides advice on the management of pelagic fish stocks on behalf of the fisheries sector and other stakeholders. It covers the pelagic stocks of all the areas, excluding the stocks in the Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea. The Pelagic AC (as a foundation under Dutch law) was inaugurated on 16 August 2005, and consists of a General Assembly, an Executive Committee and two Working Groups. The work is furthermore done in collaboration with observers, for example, from non-EU countries that have an interest in particular stocks or regions covered by the Pelagic AC.

General Assembly (GA):
The members of the GA are representatives of the European fisheries sector and other interest groups. The fisheries sector includes the catching sub sector (ship owners, small-scale fishermen, employed fishermen and producer organisations), as well as processors and traders. Other stakeholders represented are environmental NGOs and recreational fishermen.

Executive Committee (ExCom):
The ExCom is tasked with formally adopting all recommendations by the Pelagic AC. It is currently chaired by Mr Ian Gatt (Scotland). 60% of the seats are allotted to the fisheries sector and 40% to representatives of other interest groups.

Working Groups (WGs):
Most practical work is done by Working Groups that consist of members of the General Assembly.