The MSE project

European Fishmeal is partner in the MSE project: “Development of Management Strategy Evaluations (MSEs) based on the Fmsy values obtained from the Fmsy-project for six high profile fish stocks“.

New Fmsy values were made available by the Fmsy-project ( for 53 data rich fish stocks in the North east Atlantic. These new Fmsy values were estimated using procedures that contained no bias known to science and were based on and consistent with the science available on ecosystem functioning. They can be used directly in fisheries management in the Northeast Atlantic.

One problem is however that if managers and stakeholders want to use complex Management Strategies, new Management Strategy Evaluations (MSEs) are needed. These can be age based for a few stocks where the relationship between stock size and growth, maturity and natural mortality are established. For most stocks alternative approaches are needed. The MSE project will develop these.

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