About European Fishmeal

Mission & purpose of European Fishmeal

European Fishmeal and Fish Oil Producers is a European non-governmental organisation representing European fishmeal and fish oil producers.


    1. Advocacy and Promotion: Advancing the cause of the European fishmeal and fish oil industry within the EU, advocating for its interests, and promoting its value.
    2. Engagement with EU Institutions: Maintaining proactive engagement with key EU bodies such as the Commission, Council, and Parliament to ensure the sector’s concerns are heard and addressed.
    3. Informing Decision Makers: Providing accurate information to policymakers to facilitate evidence-based decision-making
    4. Coordination and Collaboration: Organizing and coordinating industry activities to promote collaboration and synergy among European fishmeal and fish oil producers.
    5. Legislative Support: Disseminating pertinent national and international legislation to our members, ensuring compliance and fostering a regulatory environment conducive to industry growth.
    6. Partnerships: Collaborating with relevant associations and organizations to further mutual objectives and enhance the collective impact within the industry.