EFFOP Joins NAPA as full Member representing European fishmeal and fish oil producers


The European Fishmeal and Fish Oil Producers (EFFOP) are pleased to announce their full membership in the North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy Group (NAPA). Having previously participated as an observer, EFFOP’s board decided on June 4th to join NAPA as a full member and that managing director Anne Mette Bæk will actively represent European fishmeal and fish oil producers in NAPA working groups.

Commitment to Sustainability

By becoming a full member, EFFOP reaffirms its dedication to sustainable fishing practices and collaborative efforts in the North Atlantic pelagic fisheries. This membership allows EFFOP to work closely within NAPA.

About NAPA

NAPA was created to address disputes between Coastal States regarding  quota allocations in the North East Atlantic for:

  • North East Atlantic mackerel
  • Atlanto-Scandian (Norwegian Spring Spawning) herring
  • North East Atlantic blue whiting

NAPA aims to securing agreements on total allowable catches (TACs) that align with scientific advice and by implementing long-term, science-based fisheries management strategies.

EFFOP’s Role and Vision

EFFOP is eager to contribute to NAPA’s mission of achieving sustainable fishing practices in the North Atlantic pelagic fisheries. Representing European fishmeal and fish oil producers, EFFOP believes that adhering to scientific recommendations and international agreements is crucial for the long-term sustainability of these fisheries.

We look forward to working with NAPA and other stakeholders to ensure that the North Atlantic pelagic fisheries are managed responsibly and sustainably for future generations.

Read more about NAPA here.