Important outcome of consultations on industry emissions


Last week of November EFFOP representatives were in Sevilla for the final meeting in the Technical Working Group on the so called BREF for Slaughterhouses and Animal Byproducts. The meeting was led by European IPCC Bureau and attended by government officials, member states and European industry representatives.

The BREFs are a series of reference documents covering the industrial activities listed in Annex 1 to the EU’s IPPC Directive. They provide descriptions of a range of industrial processes and their respective operating conditions and emission rates. Member States are required to take these documents into account when determining best available techniques and regulating their industries.  The majority of BREFs cover specific agro-industrial activities; such BREFs are referred to as ‘sectoral BREFs’. However, there are also a number of ‘horizontal BREFs’ dealing with cross-cutting issues such as energy efficiency, industrial cooling systems or emissions from storage with relevance for industrial manufacturing in general.

In EFFOP we have worked intensively with the ongoing revision and EFFOP’s Technical Working Group (TWG) has played an active role in the BREF process , producing technical papers, position papers and 80 comments to the first Draft. In the Sevilla meeting the most important points were related to proposed values for odour, wastewater, and inclusion of steam boilers and during the week-long meeting we obtained satisfactory results on these major issues.

Once a BREF is reviewed and adopted, a Commission Implementing Decision (CID) (listing the BAT conclusions) is published for each BREF. The adoption of CID (incl. list of BAT conclusions)is mandatory in the permitting/licensing process and must be fully implemented within 4 years of publication.

European Fishmeal Conference has been POSTPONED to 1-3 JUNE 2022


Unfortunately, new covid-19 restrictions have recently been imposed in some of our member countries, making it very difficult to travel. Due to an increased number of cancellations we have therefore been forced to postpone the conference.

The conference will now take place: June 1-3 2022. The venue and programme is unchanged.

Latest programme for high level European Fishmeal Conference 25-27 August 2021 in Denmark


We look very much forward to welcoming our members, associated members and invited speakers and guests for an interesting three day programme in Skagen, Denmark, 25-27 August.

The overall theme is Control and Sustainability and the wider European fishmeal and fish oil industry and suppliers will be debating how to bring fishmeal production in Europe to the next phase of sustainability. The program also includes a full day excursion to FF Skagen and Karstensens Shipyard as well as technical sessions and networking opportunities. Thursday afternoon will feature a high level debate between the Danish minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Rasmus Prehn, The Icelandic minister for fisheries and Agriculture, Kristján Þór Júlíusson, and Vice-chair Committee of Fisheries, European Parliament, Søren Gade.

The Conference programme is available click here

Covid 19 
Participation requires either: Covid 19-vaccination, demonstrated immunity, or a negative Covid-19 test dated a maximum of 72 hours before. (you can take such a test upon arrival at the airport and in Skagen)