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Fjell Technology Group sells patented technology, equipment and solutions for energy-efficient fishmeal and fish oil plants. Energy consumption can theoretically be as low as 186 kWh per tonne of raw material. In addition, we have wastewater treatment plants with a high capture rate and low energy consumption. Technology for the Value Circle

Fjell Technology Group is located on Marineholmen in Bergen, Norway. Innovation is integrated into our DNA, and is reflected in our innovative solutions, technology and equipment for fishmeal and fish oil processing plants, and wastewater treatment plants. Our core technology is various drying technologies with Fjell Turbo Disk drying as the biggest star. The Fjell Turbo Disc dryer has a unique patented design without staybolt welds or other welds to maintain the integrity of the disk when exposed to the internal steam pressure. The discs also have a unique design that provides a maximum heating surface against the fish mass during drying. We have not experienced any steam leaks on the Turbo Disc dryer since it was launched more than 20 years ago.

Fjell also sells world-class screw cookers where the original Stord-Bartz design has been significantly optimized. In addition, we produce Waste heat evaporators, mills and coolers.

The company can supply complete fishmeal and fish oil plants, or individual processing equipment for new and existing plants.

With Fjell as a partner, you also get access to our patented solutions for energy optimization which can provide a theoretical energy consumption as low as 186 kWh per tonne of raw material.

Fjell is also a supplier of complete wastewater treatment plants that are budget-friendly, compact, energy-efficient and provide a high capture rate. To underline our innovative ability, the company also operates carbon capture technology for industrial smoke emissions.

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