Statutes for the European association of fishmeal and fish oil producers


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§1: Name
The name of the organisation is: EUfishmeal, Association of European fishmeal and fish oil producers.

§2: Objectives
EUfishmeal is a European nongovernmental organisation representing European fishmeal and fish oil producers.
The objectives of EUfishmeal are:

  • To represent and promote the European fishmeal and fish oil industry in the EU
  • To assure a pro-active position for the sector in front of the EU Commission, the EU Council and the European Parliament
  • To provide accurate information to decision makers
  • To organize and coordinate activities within the areas of interest of the European fish meal and fish oil producers
  • To distribute relevant national and international legislation to its members
  • To cooperate with other associations within its field

§3: Membership
Full members of EUfishmeal are national associations in European countries focusing on the production of fishmeal and fish oil.

Associate members of EUfishmeal are companies and organisations within Europe, who are invited to join EUfishmeal.
Resignation of EUfishmeal by a member or associate member must be in writing to the Secretariat, and with a notice of 6 months up to January 1st.

§4: Membership fees
The Annual General Assembly lays down the annual fees for each of the member categories. Contribution of full members is based on production two years previously.

§5: Executive Board
An Executive Board governs EUfishmeal.

All full members have one seat on the Executive Board. Their representatives are appointed at the Annual General Assembly.

The Executive Board constitutes itself with a President and a Vice President.

The Executive Board decides by simple majority.

All issues discussed and all decisions made during meetings of the Executive Board are confirmed in the minutes distributed following the meeting.

§6: Secretariat
The Executive Board is assisted by a Secretariat.

The Secretariat is hosted by one of the EU-member countries.

The Secretariat shall act independently and without bias in furthering the objectives of EUfishmeal.

The Secretariat shall arrange all meetings, and liaise with the President to produce reports on EUfishmeal’s activities.

§7: Annual General Assembly
The Annual General Assembly is the highest authority of EUfishmeal.

All full members and associated members have the right of speaking.

The Executive Board calls the General Assembly. The agenda must be distributed to the members no later than one week prior to the date of the General Assembly.

The General Assembly decides in simple majority by voting.

Any member who wishes to bring forward a motion for the General Assembly has to send it to the secretariat no later than four weeks prior to the General Assembly.

All decisions made are recorded in the minutes that are distributed to all members following the General Assembly.

§8: Rights of voting
Only full members have the right of voting. Each member has one vote.

Any full member can vote by proxy. No member can represent more than one proxy.

§9: Agenda
The agenda of the Annual General Assembly should always contain these items:

  • President report
  • Accounts of the past year and distribution of profit and loss
  • Budget
  • Executive Board appointment
  • Miscellaneous

§10: Technical Committee
EUfishmeal has a Technical Committee with these main objectives:

  1. Improving the networking between the mechanical and chemical technical staffs in the fish meal and fish oil factories
  2. Establishing and maintaining a forum where a number of issues special to the European area can be discussed
  3. Arranging visits to factories, laboratories and similar that may be of general interest
  4. Acting as executing body in case the Executive Board decides on a project.

The Executive Board appoints members and sets the principles and activities of the Technical Committee.

The Technical Committee has no funds of its own as costs related to visits are called for directly in connection with such events.

§11: Accounts
The financial year of EUfishmeal follows the calendar year.

The Secretariat prepares EUfishmeal accounts that are audited by the Accountants before presentation for the General Assembly.

§12: Change of articles
The articles of EUfishmeal can only be adjusted by the General Assembly, providing there is a majority of two thirds of all full members present.


§13: Dissolution
Should the General Assembly, with a majority of at least two thirds, decide to dissolve EUfishmeal this action has to be confirmed by an extraordinary General Assembly. This extraordinary General Assembly has to be called by the Executive Board not earlier than four weeks after and no later than eight weeks after the General Assembly.

When confirming the dissolution of EUfishmeal the extraordinary General Assembly has to decide on the use of the funds of EUfishmeal.