Released: The EU Blue Economy Report 2020


In June, the European Commission published “The EU Blue Economy Report 2020” which gives an overview of how the economic sectors in EU have performed in relation to oceans and the coastal environment. These sectors provide 5 million jobs and had an annual turnover of €750 billion in 2018, and the blue economy presents a great potential for the green recovery after the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the provision of food from the sea, the sector also contributes with jobs in coastal communities as well as marine renewable energy. The EU is currently the world leader in ocean energy technology, and it is on its way to produce up to 35% of its electricity from offshore sources by 2050.

The blue economy is an important player in the fight against global warming, and the EU supports it through several innovative investments. With the impacts of the current coronavirus crisis, the EU has taken several measures to protect the EU economy including different sectors in the blue economy.


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