New research on the effects of a fish oil intake


In December, IFFO presented new research on the effects of an intake of fish oil and omega-3s which showed positive effects of this. One study looked at whether a daily intake of the marine omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Even though the research did not find such a reduction, several other benefits of an intake of omega-3s were found. These include a risk reduction of myocardial infarction of 28 %, a risk reduction of coronary heart disease of 17 % and a risk reduction for fatal myocardial infarction of 50 %. GOED, which conducted the research, found  that the results of an intake of omega-3s were more positive than they had expected.

Another study investigated the connection between an intake of fish oil and protein compared to muscle soreness after physical performance; this included research of the effect such an intake had on the muscle recovery between training sessions. The study was based on rugby players at elite level, and it found that there is a moderately positive effect on muscle soreness from the addition of fish oil to a protein-based food supplement. As a result, it was easier for athletes to maintain their explosive power during their training sessions. It is proposed that the ingredients in fish oil can reduce muscle soreness and decrease the inflammatory response to exercise.


IFFO Update, December 2018