Economic Report on the Fish Processing Industry (STECF)


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This report contains the 2021 economic report of the EU fish processing sector, covering the period 2008 to 2019 (for some MS 2020) and includes information on the EU fish processing industries in terms of number of enterprises, employment, income and costs. The profitability and performance of the sector is also reported in terms of gross value added, profits, profit margins and labour productivity. In 2019, the sector was made up of about 3,200 firms, provided about 111,000 jobs and produced a turnover of €28.5 billion.

For the second time the analysis of the socio-demographic aspects of the labour forces employed by the sector is provided, in terms of gender, age, nationality and educational aspects. The report provides an in depth look of the different factors affecting the economic performance of the EU fish processing industry with a special focus on the major drivers and issues affecting the sector as well as an outlook on the main future trends. Considering what has happened in the last two years, since the previous report, and following a specific request of the Commission, the report provides a first attempt of assessment of the impact that the spread of Covid-19 throughout the world has had on the EU fish-processing sector.