EUfishmeal Biennial Conference 2019, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


Every other year, the Association of European fishmeal and fish oil producers, EUfishmeal, brings its members and associated members together for the biennial conference. The location for the conference alternates from member country to member country and after being in Ireland two years ago, this year’s conference was planned for Tórshavn in the Faroese Islands.

With participants from Denmark, Norway, UK, Ireland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic and Sweden, the wider European fishmeal and fish oil industry and suppliers were attending this year’s conference. The conference was kicked off with an exciting excursion to experience the entire aquaculture value chain of Bakkafrost and Havsbrún and was followed by two days full of interesting presentations, discussions, networking and the possibility to explore both Tórshavn and the Faroese wild nature.


Day 1 – excursion to experience the Faroese value chain, from fishmeal to salmon steak

On the first day, all 110 participants were taken to see Bakkafrost’s newly created hatchery and smolt production facility outside Klaksvik, where Bakkafrost has started to increase the size of their smolts before transferring them to the sea. The day continued on a supply vessel that sailed all the participants to Fuglefjorden, but with stops to see the sea pens and the leaping salmons on close hand. Next, the delegation visited Bakkafrost headquarters in Runavik, where the salmon is brought for slaughter and processing. After a short introduction from Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen on how and why the Faroese leading aquaculture producer is increasing their salmon quality, which, by among other things, is caused by increasing the fishmeal and fish oil component of the fish feed, the participants received a tour of the facilities. In the highly modern and automated production, the participants could follow the salmon from size sorting to the ready-made and wrapped salmon steaks shipped off to the supermarket counters. Returning to Fuglefjorden, managing director Odd Eliasen welcomed the delegation to Havsbrún with some Faroese specialties and a tour of the fishmeal factory.


Day 2 – conference in Tórshavn

The second day of the conference was held in Hotel Føroyar in Tórshavn and was opened by chairman of EUfishmeal and CEO of FF Skagen Johannes Palsson.

Throughout the day, the participants were presented with many exciting speeches and lectures. To begin with the Faroese fishery ministry presented the new and much debated Faroese fisheries regulation, and afterwards local high seas fisherman Anfinn Olsen gave his views on the development of the Faroese fisheries in Northeast Atlantic.

Next leading scientists gave presentations on recent research of fisheries science and management, on the quality parameters of fishmeal and fish oil by NOFIMA and the development of the aquaculture strategy by ICES.

After the lunch, there was a short session on the control regulations and rules in Europe, where level playing field and homogenization of weighing procedure were discussed among the members.

With presentations from GEA, Perten, now Perkin Elmer, Haarslev, AlfaLaval, Hedinn and Monts, the afternoon was dedicated to a session where EUfishmeal associated members had the opportunity to present the newest development of the technical equipment used in the production.

The evening was spent in downtown Tórshavn by the harbor where the traditional Gala Dinner was held in the attractive restaurant “The Silo”.


Day 3 – Conference cont. and EUfishmeal’s general assembly

The last day of the conference was started with scientific presentations on the state of fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic by the chief biologist from EUfishmeal and on the possibilities of exploitation of the rest raw materials by NOFIMA. After a closing speech by the chairman, the conference ended and the general assembly of EUfishmeal was held. With no changes to the board, both vice-chairman Frank Trearty and chairman Johannes Palsson were reelected.


With the support from board and members, EUfishmeal will continue to work on promoting and highlighting the sustainability and quality of the European fishmeal and fish oil industry with a special forward focus on:

  • Securing and promoting a common voice for European producers
  • Establishing a level-playing field on landing requirements for pelagic species
  • Continued dedicated effort on the SA BREF to ensure the best possible framework for the European fishmeal and fish oil production
  • Continued effort to enable European produced fish oil to be used for human consumption
  • Continue and strengthen research on topics of interest for the European fishmeal and fish oil sector
  • Minimising consequences for the fishmeal industry as a response to the reform of the Carbon leakage, ETS


The next biennial EUfishmeal Conference will take place in Denmark in 2021, 25-27 August.


EUfishmeal Conference 2019 programme

Thursday 29th Conference in Torshavn, Hotel Føroyar
Conference part 1 at Hotel Føroyar: Opening session
9.00 Conference start and welcome by chairman Johannes Palsson and moderator Odd Eliasen
9.05 Opening by the Faroese Fisheries Ministry representative
9.15 An overview of recent reforms in the management of Faroese fisheries by Jens Helgi Toftum, Ministry of Fisheries
9.40 Framherji – pelagic fisheries in the North Atlantic by Anfinn Olsen
10.00 Presentation on Fmsy-project by Henrik Sparholt, NMTT
10.30 Coffee break with snacks sponsored by Haarslev
11.00 Presentation on Fishmeal and Fish oil Center of Excellence by Tor Samuelsen, NOFIMA
11.20 Presentation on ecosystem and marine mammals by Gisli Vikingson, Icelandic Marine and Freshwater Research Institute
11.40 Presentation on ICES Aquaculture strategy by Eugene Nixon, ICES
12.00 Lunch at Hotel Føroyar
Conference part 2 at Hotel Føroyar: Control session
13.00 Presentation on fisheries control cooperation in the Northeast Atlantic by the Faroese Fisheries Control
13.20 Presentation on the revision of the Control Regulation in the EU by Anne Mette Bæk, EUfishmeal
13.30 Debate on the harmonization and level playing field of the regulation and control of pelagic landings in the Northeast Atlantic moderated by chairman Johannes Palsson
Conference part 3 at Hotel Føroyar: Technical session
14.00 Presentation from associated member GEA by Stefan Kirchner on “Cleaning in Place Systems for Fish Meal Plants”
14.30 Presentation from associated member Perten by Stefan Lundgren on “Advances in process monitoring with NIR Sensors”
15.00 Coffee break with cake sponsored by Haarslev
15.30 Presentation from associated member Haarslev by Jette Lund Kristensen on “Possible X-Factors in Fish Offcuts”
16.00 Presentation from associated member AlfaLaval by Bjarne Hansen on “A sneak pre-view; Alfa Laval Oil stripping decanter”
16.30 Presentation from associated member Hedinn by Gunnar Pálsson on “The innovation of the HPP-process”
17.00 Presentation from associated member Monts
17.30 End of conference day 1
Friday 30th Conference in Torshavn, Hotel Føroyar
Conference part 3 at Hotel Føroyar: Closing session
9.00 Presentation on “State of fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic” by Søren Anker Pedersen, EUfishmeal secretariat
9.25 Presentation on rest raw material by Åge Oterhals, NOFIMA
9.50 Closing speak by chairman Johannes Palsson
End of EUfishmeal conference
10.00 Coffee break with snacks sponsored by Unit-Pump
10.30 EUfishmeal General Assembly
11.30 Lunch at Føroyar Hotel
11.30 Executive board meeting
12.00 Bus to airport