Workshop on ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management


EFFOP is partner of the Ecosystem Focus Group of the Pelagic Advisory Council and joined its recent workshop on ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management exploring the application of an ecosystembased approach to the management of small pelagic stocks in the Northeast Atlantic.

The background for the workshop is the EU Commen Fisheries Policy – Regulation (EC) 1380/2013, Article 2.3:
3. The CFP shall implement the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management so as to ensure that negative impacts of fishing activities on the marine ecosystem are minimised, and shall endeavour to ensure that aquaculture and fisheries activities avoid the degradation of the marine environment.


etting the scene: current state of play EAFM in EU/NEA:

  • Overview EAFM projects & results to date, Anna Rindorf SEAwise project
  • Overview published study 2022 on EAFM, Arnaud Peyronnet DG MARE
  • Exploring EBM scenarios with management strategy evaluations, Lara Salvany & Mark DickeyCollas ICES

Global case studies:

  • Barents Sea cod, Daniel Howell
  • EAFM in the Irish Sea, Mathieu Lundy
  • Management US Atlantic menhaden fishery, Amy Schueller
  • Balanced Harvesting, Jeppe Kolding

Read the workshop agenda and see the presentations click here