Responsible sourcing in the European fishmeal and fish oil industry


Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has released their 2019 reduction fisheries report in which they conclude that 88 percent of the catch for leading European and Latin American fisheries used for fishmeal and fish oil comes from fisheries that are at least “reasonably well-managed.” The report states that “All of the fisheries already have relatively good management schemes in place.”

SFP quotes Dave Robb, Sustainability director at Cargill, who says that “Fish meal and fish oil are important feed ingredients that provide key nutrients to farmed shrimp and fish.” However, responsible sourcing is key. It is therefore very positive that Dave Martin, deputy programs director at SFP, says that “the fishmeal and fish oil industry in Europe and Latin America has built a good track record of responsible sourcing.”


You can read more about SFP’s 2019 reduction fisheries report and download it here.