New agreement for better control


EU, Norway and the Faroe Islands have agreed to ensure better monitoring, control and surveillance of pelagic fish in the North-East Atlantic. The new initiative applies to mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting and herring. According to the Norwegian fisheries and seafood minister Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen, this implementation of homogeneous rules and measures will help ensure fair competition internationally. Furthermore, the agreement is described as a necessary part of an international collaboration on fisheries management. The agreement is open for other coastal and fishing states to join, and Ingebrigtsen urges other coastal states to join the binding cooperation for resource control.

European fishmeal welcomes the agreement and the new measures. If the control systems are manipulated or control regulations violated it seriously undermines the sustainable management of the common resources. The agreement should be respected and countries must have mutual confidence in management and use of quotas.


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