MEESO project stakeholder modelling workshop


EFFOP is partner in the MEESO project (Ecologically and economically sustainable mesopelagic fisheries). On Tuesday 21 June, we participated in a MEESO stakeholder modelling workshop. In the ocean the  mesopelagic zone extends from 200 to 1,000 meters below the surface. This area is known as the twilight zone, as it sits between the epipelagic zone, which receives the most light, and the bathypelagic zone, which receives no light.

The workshop discussed the scientific models used in the project in relation to a mesopelagic fishery. It was shown what the models can do, the parameters used and the indicators they produce. The models and its expected outcome were discussed.

A main goal in the MEESO project is to contribute to global food security by the investigation of the potential for sustainable fishing of mesopelagic species. There is a need for finding new raw materials to produce marine ingredients (fishmeal and fish oil) for feed in the growing aquaculture industry but also as food supplement for malnutritioned humans. Therefore, the MEESO project aim to find the balance between using the natural resources and at the same time not damaging the environment and sustainability.

A report from the workshop will be produced and if interested please feel free to contact the EFFOP secretariat for a copy when it is ready.

Scientific knowledge and major questions about the twilight zone’s role in carbon sequestration have recently been publiced in a report from WHOI  – read the report here. The report suggests new considerations and tools for decision-makers that can shape future marine policy.