Fish In:Fish Out ratios (2020)


FIFOs (Fish In:Fish Out ratios) have been used over time as a way to look at the performance of aquaculture in relation to the wild fish utilized in feed. FIFO is regarded by some as a benchmark of progress by the sector in relation to its environmental performance click here. Recently a more sophisticated way of looking at FIFOs has been reported by IFFO (the international trade organisation representing the marine ingredients industry worldwide). IFFO commissioned a project with Dr Richard Newton looking at the FIFO concept in more detail. Key findings from this project included:

  • When marine ingredients are used efficiently, they can produce as much fish through aquaculture as could be achieved via direct consumption;
  • Fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) contain many important nutrients for their use in aquafeed, of which contributions to palatability and digestibility are especially important;
  • Different farmed fish species show variable edible yield proportions, tis is why there are  different efficiencies in FMFO utilisation in aquafeed from a food production perspective;
  • Although considerable progress has been made, the use of byproducts as raw material in FMFO production can still be improved. Achieving this over time supports additional food production;
  • Usually most value can be added by directing by-product fractions to food (via feed) but some non-food applications are also valuable uses of by-products (e.g. chitosan and nutraceuticals);

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