Fish have a very low environmental impact


If you want to reduce your greenhouse gas footprint, you should focus on what you eat rather than where it comes from. This has been examined in a recent article on our food habits which found that both wild and farmed fish have among the absolute lowest emissions of all animal products, when greenhouse gas emissions throughout the production are considered. Where wild fish have the absolute lowest emissions of animal products, farmed fish are only surpassed by eggs. This is the message in an article from “Our World in Data” which is a shared research project between the University of Oxford and the non-profit organization Global Change Data Lab and published in the scientific article “Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers” from 2018 by Joseph Poore and Thomas Nemecek. Of the types of food with the lowest impacts, fish are the richest in protein compared to the plant based types of food.


Read the article from Our World in Data here:

Read the scientific article by Poore and Nemecek here: