First public consultation draft Marine Fish PEFCR launched


The new draft of the Marine fish PEFCR ( Product Environmental Footprint Category Rule) has opened for public consultation. The public consultation will run from 2 August to 20 September, and interested stakeholders are requested to provide comments and feedback. 

EFFOP is registered as a stakeholder, and we encourage you to review and comment on the documents via the provided template

You can find all the documents and read more about the Marine PEFCR here. 

What is a PEFCR?

A Product Environmental Footprint Category Rule (PEFCR) can be understood as a set of rules that specify how the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) method shall be applied for a specific product category. E.g. there are distinct differences between the environmental profile of a seafood product and that of a battery, and thus the rules for how their environmental footprint shall be calculated and documented needs to be specified.