Fed by Blue – Hope is in the Water


Fed by Blue is an initiative which aim is to broaden access to responsible seafood (referred to as “blue food”) by increasing transparency, expanding education, and improving policies.  By encouraging restorative water farming practices, their goal is to relieve pressure on nature while fixing our relationship with seafood and meeting the nutritional needs of a growing world population.

Their strategy centers around four main goals:

  1. Increase blue food transparency
  2. Broaden access to responsible blue food
  3. Educate the next generation
  4. Support pioneering ideas and policies


Their awareness raising efforts revolve also around art, music et mass media. In 2023 they will participate in the launch of a docuseries called “Eating Up the Oceans: How Do We Save Our Seas?” which will focus on showcasing the numerous and diverse innovative opportunities that exist to help us restore our world’s oceans while responsibly producing food. We at EFFOP welcome the initiative and share the ambition of increasing transparency and responsible sourcing.