European Fishmeal’s managing director will be the new president of IFFO


We are happy to announce that managing director of European Fishmeal, Anne Mette Bæk, will be the new president of IFFO (The Marine Ingredients Organisation) from 1 January 2020 and two years ahead. IFFO is an international trade organisation that presents the producers of fishmeal and fish oil. With a network reaching across 55 countries, members of IFFO account for over 60% of the global production and 80% of the fishmeal and fish oil traded worldwide. IFFO aims to raise standards of responsibility and nutrition in the global marine ingredients industry.

As the new president, Anne Mette supports IFFO’s considerations of minimum requirements to be a member of the organization. She emphasizes that even though the board would like for IFFO to expand, it is important that only responsible producers get to be a part of the organization.


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