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EFFOP welcomes new Spanish producer ANFAPHES


EFFOP is pleased to announce the addition of ANFAPHES as our newest producer member in 2024. This membership will grant a representative from Spain onto the EFFOP board.

ANFAPHES, the fishmeal and fish oil division of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, situated in Vigo and stands as Spain’s largest and most influential association for fishery products, boasting a specialized technological center. Representing all Spanish manufacturers of fishmeal and fish oils, ANFAPHES has been driving the growth in the importance of seafood byproducts. EFFOP aligns with this ethos, having sourced 38% of our raw materials from by-products in 2023.

At the forefront of the circular economy, ANFAPHES embodies sustainability as a guiding principle rather than a mere buzzword. With over 90% of its raw materials derived from fishery byproducts, ANFAPHES exemplifies sustainable resource utilization. Prioritizing a symbiotic relationship with fish processing factories, ANFAPHES not only reduces waste but also promotes the efficient utilization of natural resources, thus significantly contributing to environmental conservation efforts and minimizing our collective environmental footprint in European fishmeal production.

As part of ANFAPHES’ growth strategy and recognizing the need for a unified voice for fishmeal producers in Europe, ANFAPHES has decided to partner with EFFOP as a tool to improve fishmeal and fish oils standards in the European market. Our work within EFFOP aims to develop synergies with all European producers and amplify our influence within EU legislative bodies and initiatives. Furthermore, with ANFAPHES onboard, it will create further avenues for growth and innovation in byproduct techniques, opening doors to opportunities for advancement and improvement in our sector.

We look forward to the cooperation with ANFAPHES.