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EFFOP now member of the Baltic Sea Advisory Council


The Baltic Sea Advisory Council (BSAC) Executive Committee has accepted EFFOP as member. At a meeting on 17 January 2022 Søren Anker Pedersen gave a presentation of EFFOP. In the Baltic, EFFOPs members are based in Denmark, Germany and Estonia, however, more members from the Baltic are are expected. Søren presented the production process, the nutritional value of the products, potential for an increase in marine proteins, as well as its contribution towards climate change mitigation and removal of dioxins. There was generally positive feedback from BSAC members on the EFFOP presentation.

The BSAC Secretary informed that the Member States had not opposed the application submitted by EFFOP to become member of BSAC. Therefore, EFFOP was accepted as member of the BSAC.

More information of the BSAC, the BSAC meetings and the presentation given about EFFOP can be found here