Council approves EU fishing opportunities for 2023


After two days of council negotiations, the EU ministers of fisheries finalised an agreement on the EU fishing opportunities for 2023. The fishing opportunities are based on biological advices. Determining the fishing opportunities according to the biological advice has been supported during the process by European Fishmeal.

The agreement includes catch limits, also known as ‘total allowable catches’ (TACs), for over 200 commercial fish stocks. The stocks include among other species some used for the extraction of fishmeal and fish oil. 

Read the official press release from the Council here.

Negotiations between EU-UK and EU-NO

More than 100 of stocks in the Atlantic and North Sea are co-managed with the United Kingdom. An agreement between the EU-UK has been reached, read about the agreement here

European Fishmeal welcomes the agreement on fishing opportunities for 2023 in EU and EU-UK waters. The finalized bilateral negosiations between EU-NO is expected to come to an agreement soon and it is needed in order to start the 2023 with good opportunities for producers of fishmeal and fish oil.