Commission adopts new de minimis rules: Inclusion of fish processing


EFFOP is pleased to share the latest developments concerning the European Commission’s adjustments to regulations governing small amounts of aid, specifically focusing on the de minimis Regulation and the SGEI de minimis Regulation.

The European Commission has recently adopted two regulations that amend the general rules pertaining to small amounts of aid. These regulations aim to exempt small aid amounts from EU State aid control, as they are considered to have no significant impact on competition and trade within the Single Market. The effective date for these revised regulations is set for January 1, 2024, and they will remain applicable until December 31, 2030.

Additionally, it is worth noting that these updated regulations will now encompass fish processing—a welcomed expansion acknowledged by EFFOP. This inclusion of fish processing under the revised regulations marks a positive stride in the scope of covered activities, a development EFFOP views with optimism.

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Find the de minimis Regulation here: de minimis Regulation

Find the SGEI de minimis Regulation here: SGEI de minimis Regulation