Blue whiting in Greenland waters


The PhD thesis “Blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou): behaviour and distribution in Greenland waters” has been written by PhD student Søren Post, DTU Aqua and he will defend his thesis on 28 June at 13:00 at DTU Aqua.

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Blue whiting is a widely distributed and highly abundant fish species in the North-Atlantic. Despite that the commercial fishery is one of the largest in the world, this deep living (200-600 m) species is little known to the public. The stock size has fluctuated greatly throughout the latest decades, affecting both fishery, management, and the advising procedure. The seas around Greenland are generally considered as fringe areas of blue whiting distribution and it is only caught sporadically here. With increasing ocean temperatures due to climate change, blue whiting may become more abundant and widespread in Greenland waters and could potentially be an additional target species for the growing pelagic fleet in Greenland. However, the necessary knowledge about the biology and the dynamics of the stock size in this region is lacking.

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The PhD defense starts at 13:00 on 28 June and it can be followed in Zoom via the link below (no need to register just click the link from 12:50 on 28 June):