NAPA Seafood Summit: Women in Seafood Leadership, Anne Mette Baek


In this their second interview of the series “Women in Seafood Leadership”, the Napa Seafood Summit has interviews Managing Director of EFFOP, Anne Mette Bæk.

NAPA Seafood Summit writes about the initiative:

“We have created a space for women in leadership positions to raise their voices and create awareness of the key role they play and the challenges they face every day. We want to inspire new generations of female fishmongers with role models they can identify with, as well as provide ideas for organizations to take action to create a fair seafood industry for all. On this occasion, we were delighted to interview a strong industry sustainability leader for the Danish fishmeal and oil producers.  She wears many hats and pushes forward to contribute to global sustainability by making the best use of all marine resources.    Anne Mette Bæk CEO, European Fishmeal and Fish oil Producers (EFFOP) and Marine Ingredients Denmark (MID)”

Fisheries opportunities and agreements for 2022


In Europe, total allowable catches (TACs) are set for most commercial fish stocks based on scientific advice on the stock status from ICES and other independent advisory marine research bodies.

In the EU, TACs  are set in agreement with with non-EU countries for stocks that are shared and jointly managed. TACs are then divided between EU countries in the form of national quotas. In UK, Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands, TACs and quotas are decided nationally by the respective governments.

For overviews of initial TACs and quotas and fisheries agreements for 2022 click here

ICES status of pelagic fish stocks, fisheries and ecosystem overviews are found here